Red Star Tavern - A Downtown Portland Restaurant - Portland, Oregon, 97204, United States

A Little About Red Star Tavern

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  • Tofu “Scallops”, Side of Rapini, Brick Chicken, Rabbit Tasting, Marinated Beet Salad, Penn Cove Mussels

You can learn much about the character of a place by the bourbons it offers its patrons. The same may be said for the chef's dedication to the menu. A quick look at the shelves behind the bar, a brief scan of the dining offerings and you'll promptly get a sense of the establishment's authenticity.

In Red Star Tavern's case, you'll find ample evidence of true tavern character. The bustling open kitchen, set amidst the rustic play of wood and natural tones throughout, catches your eye as you make your way into our newly expanded bar and renovated dining room . (Private dining is also available.)

Enjoy a Bite to Eat or a Sip to Drink

Whether you've come for happy hour or to enjoy a meal, Red Star Tavern's bar menu of handcrafted libations, exquisite selection of fine bourbons, thoughtful wine list and the line-up of microbrews will definitely leave you pondering your options. Indeed, Ian Momsen's brilliant overhead mural, dedicated to the amber art of bourbon, gracefully reminds you of life's subtler pleasures.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, big plates, little plates and Portland's longest happy hour, Red Star Tavern warmly looks forward to your company.